Test day motivation letter

Motivate your child before a big test with a thoughtful letter. Here we tell you what to say.

One way to reassure your child before a big exam.

The end of the school year is approaching, and with that comes the big and dreaded end of school year exams. The best we can do for them is assist our child’s preparedness in all areas: academically, physically, and most importantly emotionally.

As parents, we are not aware how much the topic of the final exam was discussed in their classroom. For all we know, the teacher and/or campus has stressed it so much, that in their young age they feel a great pressure to perform well on that one day. The feeling of dread and/or stress multiplies when the child believes he/she does not have what it takes to be successful.

To assist with what to write, we have included some phrases you can use.

  1. I believe in you! – This statement is particularly powerful for the students who experience self-doubt. These students do not believe in themselves. Ask your child to remember this statement during the test. Say something like,”When you think you cannot handle a question, remember that I believe in you.” I know you can do it! Give that question a second attempt.
  2. Trust in yourself!-Kids usually know much more than they think they do. They just have to believe they are prepared and be ready to retrieve the knowledge accumulated throughout the year.
  3. I am proud of you regardless of the result!– Our children love to please us and some revolve their actions around making their parents proud. This feeling of having their parents’ acceptance can become overwhelming enough that will produce a great deal of anxiety in your child and shut them down. Remind them that this one test is not going to change how YOU perceive them.
  4. Remember to show and use all the strategies you have learned. Ask them to think back when the teacher taught a certain concept. What did he/she do? What activity/project did they do to help them learn something? These questions can give students a hook that can help them fish a stored lesson in their memory.
  5. You are smart enough! Some children believe that the only reason they do not understand something is because they are not intelligent. This is the biggest lie that children can believe about themselves. It is our duty as parents to teach them that hard-work, and dedication is what brings success, not just intelligence alone.
  6. It is OK to take a mental break, but stay focused. We have all been there. We’re working on something, and after a while, that thing we are working on begins to look like more of a blur. Reassure them it is fine to look away from the test, place their heads down for a while, or stretch in their chair. Do remind them however, that as soon as he/she feels a little bit refreshed it is time to get back to the test. When we get distracted, it takes a while to get back to complete focus. We want to avoid too many rests because some of these tests are timed.

These are just some reassuring things that we can write to our child. You decide if you would rather have this conversation in person, and what additional statements you will add. You are the expert in your child. I am confident you will know just the right things to say to relief some of their stress.

Best of luck to all of our children taking an important exam this spring!

-Irma G. Castro


By Stay at Home Kids

I am a mom and an education specialist looking to make our kids’ time at home meaningful and useful with engaging activities that are easy for you to implement.

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