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FREE Slime Kit, STEM Activities, and Bonding time with your Children

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What is all this buzz about slime? Why do children love it?

Here at Stay At Home Kids we do not know either, but we have created a fully equipped 47 piece slime kit that has everything you need! With this kit you will be able to make dynamic slime that will give you endless hours of bonding and learning time with your children.

slime kit stem activities learning math
slime kit that will help you make stem activities & learning

How awesome is that?

We help you, the parent, target learning with our STEM activities that go hand in hand with the learning standards your children have learned, are learning, or will be learning at school.

Slime Stem Learning Activities Cover
Slime Stem Learning Activities Cover

With the purchase of our Ultimate Slime Kit you will receive a STEM Activities Ebook that gives you step by step directions on how to teach or reinforce a specific concept.

kinder slime activity sample
kinder slime activity sample

Let’s say you somehow find out your child will be learning about mixtures and solutions in science. Well, you can give them a jump start by doing our quick slime activity that will prepare them with the vocabulary needed for their upcoming lesson in school.

What if it is the other end of the spectrum? What if they HAVE been taught about mixtures and solutions, but you want your child to receive additional exposure? Well, you can make slime and review mixtures and solutions at the same time. 

All activities specify the grade level that they are meant to target based on the learning standards, but please go ahead and introduce something to your children that might be a grade level above theirs. Challenge your children’s skills!

Our slime kit is also perfect if you have more than one child, or if you have other children over. There is enough for everyone to share, and because this activity can be done indoors it is great for those hot sunny, rainy, or snowy days.

Our product will be sold for $22.99 on Amazon and will be released to the public next Friday August 10th. As a bonus we will send you a printer friendly version of the activities!

We will be giving 100 FREE Slime Kits to celebrate this release! Enter your e-mail below and on its release day you will receive your priority discount code!
We wish you happy bonding and learning time at home!

-The Stay At Home Kids Team


By Stay at Home Kids

I am a mom and an education specialist looking to make our kids’ time at home meaningful and useful with engaging activities that are easy for you to implement.

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