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Daily Schedule for a One Year Old

Schedule for a one year old

“Wine with pasta on a Tuesday evening, why not?” I said to myself as I drove to pick up my one year old.

My baby starts getting sleepy/fuzzy around 6:00 pm. Right around the time dinner is ready.

I got as far as taking the bottle of wine out, but did not open it. My tasty dinner turned into a cold pasta on a styrofoam plate (I tend to avoid these, for green purposes, but dishwasher was full, and I have a limited amount of time).

Needless to say, my husband and I adopted the phrase, “Michelle willing.” This means that if our baby is cooperative, we can probably get it done. Well, today, Michelle was not willing.

Our baby’s schedule works for us, because it provides predictability. I should have known my vision was not going to happen.

We don’t necessarily plan our outings around her schedule, we just prepare for them. For example, if we know we’re going to be at a restaurant around her nap time, we take the stroller so that she can sleep while we eat. We also know how many meals, snacks, and milk she will need.

A baby on a schedule doesn’t limit you, if anything, it provides you with the freedom to plan.

That being said, I am only going to write the main points of her day. You should also know I am a working mom and my baby goes to daycare.

6:50-7:00 I hate waking her up, but I have to get her ready. I try to push this as much as I can. I change her diaper, clothes, do some pigtails & she drinks 5 oz of whole milk.

7:20 We arrive to daycare.

7:30 Breakfast (usually yogurt with oatmeal and some fruit).

9:00 First Snack (cheese cubes, veggie finger foods, etc.).

10:00 First Nap (usually about 45 minutes long)- I know! Not enough time to clean the house on weekends.

11:30 Lunch (now that she’s older, she gets a variety of solid, yet easily chew-able foods).

1:30 Second Snack (fruit, Yogurt Melts, she loves these).

2:30 Second Snack (this one tends to go a full hour).

4:15 I pick her up from day care.

4:30 Dinner


5:00-6:00 We plaY!schedule for a one year old

My One Year Old’s Bed time routine

6:00 Bath

6:30 Bottle, then we attempt to brush her teeth. 🙂 It’s always a struggle.

6:40-7:00 Read books (Tip: I read the first book at a regular tone, and the second one at a whisper). She gets the hint that sleep time is around the corner, and starts getting drowsy.

7:00-7:15 I turn off the lights, turn on her lullaby, and I rock her to sleep. (I know some say you shouldn’t rock your baby to sleep, but as you noticed, my time with her is very limited. When I am with her. I am WITH her!)

P.S. While most days go like these, they are always Michelle willing. 😉

Some nights I don’t get out of her room until 8:00 or 8:30.



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