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FREE Slime Kit, STEM Activities, and Bonding time with your Children

We will be giving 100 FREE Slime Kits to celebrate this release! Share this post or enter your e-mail below, and on its release day you will receive your priority discount code! All you have to do is go to amazon or click below, enter the code, and let the fun learning begin.     […]

8-9 year olds (3rd grade) 9-10 year olds (4th grade)

Create a city with your 9 year old and strengthen their Geometry skills

Sit around the dinner table with your child and develop an imaginary city while they practice and reinforce Geometry skills learned in Fourth Grade in a Fun way.

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Eight Games that Promote Addition, Subtraction, and Counting

Eight board games that promote addition, subtraction, and counting

1-2 years

Daily Schedule for a One Year Old

Schedule for a one year old

5-6 year olds (Kindergarten)

Kindergarten, the standards are higher than ever before.

The second day of this school year, I had my first experience in a kindergarten classroom. It was incredibly to see that these newcomers to Elementary school already had an abundance amount of knowledge. At that moment I realized that children who didn’t have this knowledge were already falling behind. Falling behind? On the second […]

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Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is just around the corner. Are you thinking of preparing your children as much as you can for the next school year? Let us help you decipher Common Core and the Texas TEKS! We will guide you to what will be the most important concepts for your children next fall. Just select the […]