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Our 7 day itinerary to London and Paris trip Part 2 of 2

Are you traveling to London and/or Paris soon? We have a sample itinerary of the attractions we visited, visitor information, and our journey with traveling a toddler.

Thank you for visiting part 2 of our trip. In this blog we’ll talk about days 2 and 3 in Paris and day 3 in London. If you have not read part 1 of this blog, make sure to find out more about our trip by visiting this blog post.

Day 4: Day 2 in Paris

Here we are having what we consider a light breakfast 😋, just some coffee ☕️, orange juice, croissants 🥐 , and jam. We are powering up for another day of sightseeing. On today’s schedule, we have the Palace of Versailles and The Louvre Museum. Only two places, but each should take about 4 hours.

The Palace of Versailles!

What you’re looking at is the long line to enter. We arrived to the palace at 12 p.m.. Our plan was to get there at 8 am, but we did not wake up early from being tired 😴 from the day before, and also, being on vacation, we want to take a more relaxing stance. Although, this means arriving at the same time as all these other people and the bus 🚌 tours 😨. We paid 18€ per adult and Michelle went in for free. We waited in line about 45 minutes to an hour. To get there we took the RER Line C train 🚞 from Invalides to The Versailles Château Rive Gauche stop 🛑. From there, we walked about 10 minutes to get to the Château.

Here are a few pictures from inside the palace. We were in the palace a total of 2.5 hours, mainly because they do not let you in the palace with a stroller and Michelle did not want to walk or cooperate with us. 😂 She is also getting a little heavy, so caring her throughout the palace was difficult. We could not entertain her much because even though the palace is beautiful, she’s not interested.

After the Château Versailles, we took the train 🚞 RER Line C back into the city and then took the metro 🚇 to Musée du Louvre. We paid 15€ for each adult. The museum is enormous and has great exhibitions, so plan to be there for a few hours. The museum does let you walk though the museum with your stroller, so that’s a plus for us because Michelle will entertain herself with her toys or take a nap 😴 when she feels like it. They do have elevators throughout that you can take, but be prepared to carry the stroller up a few flights of stairs.

We did check our coats and backpacks 🎒. It was helpful because we didn’t have to carry them for the 2-3 hours we were there. They also have a cafe with reasonable prices for coffees and baguettes 🥖.

Here we are outside Musée du Louvre. We’ve had a rainy afternoon, but our gear has kept us dry.

After the Musée du Louvre, we took an Uber to La Comptoir de la Gastronomie because a friend of ours recommended this restaurant. Once there, we ordered a bottle of wine 🍷 a charcuterie board, two different duck 🦆 dinner 🍽 plates for us, and a really good macaroni and cheese 🧀 for Michelle. Service was great! Flavor was different and tasty 😋, and we paid about $120 💵 for everything I just mentioned. After dinner, we took another Uber to the hotel 🏨 to call it a night. 🛏 😴

Day 5: Day 3 in Paris

This is our last day in Paris. 😔 Tonight we head back into London in a Eurostar train 🚊, but for now, we’re going to make the most of the time that we have left. Today is suppose to be a great day sunny ☀️ day unlike the rainy days we’ve had for the past two days. Today we’re heading to “old” Paris, but first, we stopped for breakfast 🍳 at a restaurant in the Rue Cler market.

Today is a gorgeous day with sunshine 🌞! That’s quite a contrast from the previous two days. Here you can see us outside the iconic Notre Dame. Of course, due to the recent fire, we did not have the privilege to go inside. We just took these pictures outside.

Paris’ historic core! We walked a little down the left bank of the river. We took a few pics of the back of Notre Dame and then went into the Deportation Memorial right across the street, and took these pictures by the benches and park that are there.


Sainte-Chapelle is a smaller tourist attraction in size than the others we’ve visited in Paris, but just like many other sights, it’s history is very interesting. This church was built to house Jesus’ crown 👑 of thorns The real beauty are the stained glass windows and the light it radiates. This was a great experience in my opinion. The cost to go inside is 11.50€ per adult and people under 26 years are free.

Look at these pictures, we tried our best! After Sainte-Chapelle we decided to go back to the Eiffel Tower, because two days ago when we were there, it was so rainy 🌧 and cloudy (see part 1 of this trip)☁️ that we wanted to go back and take a few shots 📸 with the sun 🌞 out. This was our last afternoon here; even though we had already been here during the short length of this trip, we wanted to see the Eiffel Tower for ourselves one more time. We don’t know when we’ll be back, so might as well. 😀

Day 6: Day 3 in London

We are back in London for our last day of sightseeing!

This morning we are enjoying sights on and around Fleet st.

We’ve spent most of our day walking the city and enjoying the sights on foot. The rain ☔️ has been teasing us all day. It comes and goes, but so far, we haven’t been drenched! We are currently on top of the London Bridge on our way to Borough market for lunch 🥗!

From Borough market, we went to the Tower of London. We did not go in, because in our modest opinion, it was expensive. The cost is £24.70 per adult, and considering this was our last day of vacation, we thought 💭 it was a bit much to spent $64 for both us. This is why instead you see us taking these pictures on the outside of this attraction. 😂 We sat down for a while by the benches and just people watched.

What do you do when you had your toddler sightseeing for 7 days, and she’s tired of the metro 🚇? You give her a chocolate 🍫!!! Let her have her fun and enjoyment!!

We’re heading back to our hotel 🏨 a little early today in an effort to pack and get ready for an early morning flight ✈️ . We’ve very much enjoyed our trip to London and Paris, but 7 days later, we are exhausted! It’s time to go back home 🏡 to Houston!

Day 7: The flight back

The ✈️ flight was 9 hours. To prepare for such a flight, I bought Michelle toys. They are super cheap and small, and ideally they should be new for her. If they are new, they’ll entertain her for a longer period of time. She’ll want to continue playing even more if we start playing with her. I bought 3 toys for each way. We also have an iPad with games and movies 🎥 that we reserve for when the new toys are no longer doing the trick. To help with my toddlers’s ears 👂🏽 during the altitude change, we buy her some lollipops 🍭. The lollipops 🍭 serve two purposes: 1: the act of sucking helps to prevent your ears from clogging. 2: to entertain, because if your toddler does not bite it, the lollipop 🍭 will last several minutes. Another tip: 🍫 We use Kinder chocolates when the plane ✈️ is going to land, and we have to remain sitting with the belt on. Well, you know that two-year-olds are not still. Chocolate 🍫 lasts for the time you have to sit 💺 and… it comes with a toy 😀.

I hope this post was helpful in planning your trip through two of the most iconic cities in the world, Paris and London!

I wish you happy travels! If you have any questions about your upcoming journey, be sure to contact me.

Be sure to read part 1 of our London and Paris itinerary with our toddler!

Contact us if you have any suggestions, tips, and/or questions. I would love to help you and improve!

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