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Ninja Precision Processor and Auto Spiralizer Review with Video demonstration

Honestly, I purchased this Ninja food processor a few months ago, but I had not used it because I was not familiar with how to use it. Also, I did not give myself time to go through their instructional manual.

With summer right around the corner, I knew I wanted to get back on the “healthy lifestyle” wagon. You know how that goes, “I will start eating healthy this coming Monday!” I am very guilty of that. I am guilty of going through “healthy” phases in which I really watch what I eat, and exercise more.

In addition, one of my struggles if making healthy meals that my daughter would also want to eat.

So when I jumped back into the eating healthy lifestyle, I started looking for recipes for that were healthy, easy, quick, and likely to be liked by my daughter. Was I crazy for wanting a recipe that encompassed all of that? Maybe, I am a little crazy, but that’s the kind of recipe mothers in this modern fast paced world need!!

After a few minutes of googling, I came across a zucchini pasta. Pasta looking veggies, meatballs, and a healthy tomato sauce was the combination I was looking for. Not even remembering that I had that machine in my pantry, I purchased a bag of zucchini noodles from my local grocery store.

It wasn’t until my sweet, yet tight on money husband, questioned me. He asked why I purchased a small expensive bag of zucchini noodles when I had a machine that could do the same thing, and produce double the amount of those noodles at half the price.

Anyway, to why you’re here. The review:


  1. chops vegetables fairly fine in a few pulses.
  2. most vegetables are similar in size, so end product looks evenly cut.
  3. saves you time.
  4. spiralizing your own vegetables is more cost effective than buying the pre-cut noodles.
  5. because you’re saving time, and cutting or spiralizing your vegetables is done quickly you’re more likely to eat healthy.


  1. initial investment of $119.
  2. whole product comes with 10 pieces that you would have to store in your cabinets.

Overall, I would buy it again. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Do not let the number of parts overwhelm you. It is actually simple to use once you have done it a few time. You can currently find the Ninja Precision Processor and Spiralizer in Amazon

Using the Ninja Spiralizer:

Using the Ninja Food Processor demonstration:


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