5-6 year olds (Kindergarten)

Kindergarten, the standards are higher than ever before.

The second day of this school year, I had my first experience in a kindergarten classroom. It was incredibly to see that these newcomers to Elementary school already had an abundance amount of knowledge. At that moment I realized that children who didn’t have this knowledge were already falling behind. Falling behind? On the second day of kindergarten? Now a days, parents are much more actively involved in their children’s learning. Our kids have way more information than our little brain’s had when we were their age, and because of that they are expected to perform at higher standards. I took naps in my kindergarten classroom. Who has time to nap now? Five year old students don’t have time to nap, they’re expected to learn at a fast pace just like their upper grade siblings.

With that being said, as long as children are living a balanced life that allows for both learning and play, or even better, both simultaneously, I don’t see how learning to count earlier than their parents did is necessarily a bad thing.

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Happy Learning and Bonding for you and your kids!

-The Stay At Home Kids team


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