Free Game to Help Children Learn the Upper and Lower Case Pairs

Do your children recognize their upper case letters? Are they ready for the next step of learning their lower case letters and matching them to their upper case counter parts? This free puzzle game is for them! It will help them master their lower and upper case pairs, and get them a step closer to reading. Download for free by visiting our blog!! Thank you for developing their success!

Usually, we first teach children to recognize uppercase letters.

Next, you have to help them recognize the pairs of upper and lower case letters.

I want to emphasize:

That children will begin to recognize capital letters, not write them.

Studies have established that children learn to recognize uppercase letters first, because they are more distinctive.

They also first recognize the capital letters in their names, so we begin the process by teaching them to recognize the letters in their names.

When we teach our children uppercase letters we first offer them a solid foundation for children to recognize and write lower case letters more easily as the next step in their development.

We teach the recognition of lowercase letters once a child has learned their capital letters to help anchor their understanding.

This is usually a bit difficult because children tend to have more difficulty identifying lower case letters.


I think it is important to help children move easily between upper and lower case letter recognition, so if your children already recognize the uppercase letters, and you are ready to help them learn the pairs with the lowercase letters, I have a digital download that will help them do it in a fun way!

They will think they are playing!

In this FREE digital download you will find a puzzle-like game. In which they will learn without realizing it. Within the file, I offer several ways in which you can implement this game.

Click the DOWNLOAD button below for your free game!

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