Our Mission

Our mission at Stay At Home Kids is to enrich your family’s life and make it easy for you to:

  • teach your child STEM content with our activities that are easy to do at home and our products that come with lessons aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core, and the Texas TEKS.
  • make your life easier with our products, parenting tips, and learning resources. 
  • make you feel part of our team. Parenting can be difficult. Follow us on social media and hear what other parents are have to say. 

About Us

Stay At Home Kids was created to make your life as a parent easier. We sometimes do not know what to do at home to help our children thrive. To top it all off, our kids are growing so fast and their needs are constantly changing. Keeping up with their development gets hard to do.  If you are like most of us who want to help your child with fun engaging and educational activities, or products that will make your every day easier. We are here to help! 

We offer a great variety  of learning activities that are easy for you and your children to do. We will tell you how our activities correlate to what they are doing in school, and the minimum materials you need at home. Hop on this journey of the amazing world of parenting!

-The Stay At Home Kids team


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