6 Questions to help you start your family’s holiday tradition

Christmas is around the corner! By now most families know where they’ll spend this holiday, with whom, and what they’ll do when they’re there.

My husband and I have spent 6 Christmases together, and every year we’ve alternated between his family and mine.

Even in alternating years, we don’t always go to the same family member’s home. One year it can be with my in-laws, and the next time it’s my husband’s family’s turn, it might be at his brother’s.

Now, with an 18 month old daughter, I’m thinking we do not have a Christmas tradition of our own.

I have a co-worker who wanted stability for their daughter. She has dinner with her husband’s family on Christmas Eve and always drives home. While at home, they set everything up for Santa and even drops reindeer food in her backyard!

I can say that our Christmas tradition growing up was having tamales with the same salsas and deserts every year for dinner on Christmas Eve. Then, we would play Loteria, and sing karaoke until midnight when we would open presents given by family members. We would then wake up to presents left by Santa in the morning.

Here are some questions for you and your significant other to ask each other when starting your own family tradition:

1. What story do we want our kids to stay when they’re asked about their Christmas Eve/morning?

2. What do we value? Family time? Time at church?

3. Which of your old family traditions are you willing to give up? Which have to stay?

4. How can we mesh both of our families’ traditions?

5. Where will we spend this holiday?

6. What meal/side/desert is a must?


By Stay at Home Kids

I am a mom and an education specialist looking to make our kids’ time at home meaningful and useful with engaging activities that are easy for you to implement.

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