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6 Questions to ask your child’s teacher at the beginning of the school year

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A new school year means new teacher, new rules, routines, and possibly a new school.

The best way to assist your child in this new adventure is to be informed. 

Some teachers are great at providing this information on their own, but in case you do not get it, here are some questions you can ask your child’s teacher to be best informed about your child’s day to day.

1. What is your classroom management plan?

This will let you know the rewards and consequences your child will receive at each stage of their behavior. You’re looking for a teacher who has a plan in place, but at the same time will allow students to regulate their own behavior, for example, kids choosing their own consequence, writing a reflection, and giving them the opportunity for redemption. 

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2. What is your homework policy? 

You want to ensure your child is finishing school assignments. Ask what days you should expect homework from school and the type of homework your child will be receiving. Will these be in the form of handouts, projects, or both? What is your policy for late/not turned in homework?


3. How can I contact you?

E-mail is possibly the best way to communicate considering that they are busy with their class during work hours. 

Ask for their conference period. What time is it? This is the time allotted for things such as parent conferences. Some teachers prefer to meet a parent during this time versus after school when they want to go home. 

Lastly, ask if your child’s classroom has a direct line. This will be best used in case you want to leave voice messages. In some schools, calls to classrooms go directly to voicemail during class hours. 


4. Are water bottles and snacks allowed?

If the answer is yes, do they prefer a certain type of water bottle and a certain type of snack? Is there a specific snack time, or can they eat as “needed?” 


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5. How will school supplies be distributed?

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Teachers have different policies for school supplies. Some gather things like scissors, glue, pencils and even markers to be for communal use. In other instances, kids get to keep all of them. This one is really a personal preference whether you prefer your child to keep them or turn them in to their teacher, but at least you ought to know what happened to your money.


6. How can I help?

Does your teacher have a project in mind that he or she needs supplies for? Is there a need in the classroom such as flexible seating? Offer to volunteer. Provide your availability or the ways you can help. The teacher you’re asking these questions to has more than likely spent money out of their own pocket to make your child’s classroom look welcoming. In the end, your kids will receive the benefit too.