4 ways to help your child recognize their name

Can your child name the letters in his/her name and place them in the correct order?

  1. Letter magnets.

Place them on the refrigerator or in a baking sheet. Remove all letters that are not in their name. Allow them to rearrange and manipulate the letters as they wish.

2. Paper cutouts

3. Play-dough

Spend some time rolling out the letters in your child’s name. Capital letters are easier to roll and should be the first introduced.

4. Paper plates

Order 8 prints of your child’s picture.
Glue the 8 pictures onto the 8 different paper plates.
Write your child’s name under each picture.
Use painter’s tape and tape them around the house at your kid’s eyesight level.


By Stay at Home Kids

I am a mom and an education specialist looking to make our kids’ time at home meaningful and useful with engaging activities that are easy for you to implement.

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